The Thoughts Scorecard

If you replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you will have positive outcomes.

~Willy Nelson.

The key to successful Manifestation?

The usual advice is to have positive thoughts "most of the time."

But no teaching could tell me what "most of the time" really meant. I had to discover the answer for myself.            I connected the dots to fill in the missing steps between my thoughts and achieving a goal successfully.

What I discovered.

You don't have to be 100% positive, and you can't get rid of all the negatives self-talk.

But you have to know how you are thinking about your goals and beliefs if you want to make the changes necessary to  be "positive most of the time".

 We actually do need a level of "negative" consciousness; a little fear,  uncertainty, its the caution that part of our survival instinct. But too often in our modern world, we have a great excess of negativity that overwhelms the positive path forward.

The Manifestation Formula™ will help you achieve the successful balance between your positive and negative thoughts and emotions.

You will learn how your negative thoughts take away the power of the greatest ideas and the best intentions. 


People love to keep score and track their progress,  but reading a book is not a progress report.

So I created  The Thoughts Scorecard to keep track of my thoughts on a regular basis.

The Manifestation Formula Scorecard is simple. 

The wisdom of the universe has given us the formula. 

It's not all or nothing; it's not 100% or 0%.

When we think about our goal, we need to maintain our positive attitudes and feelings about that goal at least 68% of the time to have a high probability of success.

The positive thought goal of 68% is the probability threshold where most outcomes occur. Maintain your positive thoughts about your goal at least 68% of the time, and you've entered the successful manifestations zone. 

​ As I discovered, "thinking" positively about my goal at least 68% of the time was not as easy as I expected. I had no way to know how well I was doing. The  Scorecard is the measure that showed me how I was thinking, and how those thoughts changed over time.

The Manifestation Formula can help you connect your thoughts and ideas into a practical approach to help manage the way you think and act to achieve your goals.

 What are your goals? What do you want to obtain or achieve?


The Thoughts Scorecard does all the work for you.

Fill in your Scorecard regularly, and you will see how your thoughts are being transformed into positive thinking. Week by week, you will know how to change to get the positive thoughts on track to success.

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