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The Corona Virus is changing the world in ways politics and institutions have failed to achieve.

Updated: Jun 30

Our new normal lives in the post-pandemic world.

The coronavirus pandemic is likely to achieve, even force, transformations that have been pursued for decades – and now they will happen overnight. If, and it’s still a big if, citizens, governments, and public and private institutions recognize the need and seize the opportunity for a new world on the path for the “greater good.”

Nothing is certain. People, and particularly politicians, have a knack for screwing things up. But the current virus pandemic is likely to be the long-awaited catalyst for change in most of our social structures and our personal lifestyles.

The current social unrest led by the black lives matter movement is not a new issue, but it has been accelerated and dramatized by the well-documented police violence against people of color. It has been noted that the black lives matter protest is one of the largest and most durable and prolonged protests in a long, long time. Police relations with all communities is a decades-old issue that is occurring within and propelled by anger and frustration attributable to the pandemic situation. This is just the start.

What's next? Economic inequality? The upcoming presidential election is going to be a platform, make that a stage, for other excessive and possibly damaging public events. The current Republican/conservative power structure is hopefully in its last stages of any relevance. If not, the collapse of a US style of democracy and capitalism is over. The Russians might be part of the instigation, but it is China that will continue its progress towards being the leading economic power in the world. But, excuse the political diversion, back to what we need to do as individuals.

People will always have traditional responsibilities, have wants and needs, and aspire to a better life. But the pandemic experience offers a high probability situation of permanently changing the nature of many of the institutional, lifestyle and intellectual belief systems; to be more conscious of human centric-needs rather than on narrow economic and ideological interests.

My primary focus is on personal change and transformation, manifesting what we want to achieve. So, what does the pandemic mean for people who still want to find ways to achieve their goals successfully? We still want health, safety, prosperity, education, a new house, economic security, a successful career, and wonderful relationships.

We still have a fundamental human process that will never change – we have to use our imagination and creativity to identify and make the choices to achieve our goals. So more than ever, we will need techniques and practices that are more efficient, effective and aligned with modern lifestyles. We need practices that will help us manage the new array of our beliefs, concerns and optimism. We humans are not going to change the way we think, because most of what we think is really our constant self-talk which science has shown to be largely repetitive and tends to be negative.

In a fast-changing world, more than ever, every person needs to be more aware of and able to manage the nature of their self-talk. If our institutions learn from the pandemic, and people similarly learn about what’s important and how to live together, we will have a fresh start in identifying and achieving individual goals. I believe that some of the institutional obstacles will disappear, while new opportunities will emerge based on a new social and economic construct

What do you want to manifest in the post virus world?

With a little bit of luck, this new world will emerge safer and sooner, and now is the time to begin to prepare for it.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting my observations and forecasts for the scope of the post-pandemic environment of economic, political and lifestyle trends. I believe most every sector will be affected. Still, the degree, nature and speed of adaptation to meet what will be the “new normal” is yet to be determined by our priorities, intentions and actions.

In my next few blog posts, I will present a forecast of the sectors of our modern world that will be subject to change or evolution in how they operate and connect with their customers and constituents. Change isn’t just coming; it’s here. And all change and transformation start with us, the individuals, working more collectively towards will turn out to be changes of necessity.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Leo Tolstoy

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

“The world, as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Albert Einstein

Rich Spitzer


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