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  • Richard Spitzer

Synchronicity Strikes Again!

January 29, 2019

I’m writing a book about a new way to understand the neglected metaphysical concept of “synchronicity”. I’m always looking for examples that reinforce the conventional definition of synchronicity as well as my twist on how synchronicity is really an occurrence of pure manifestation. And so, true to the concept, the synchronistic event happened over the past couple of weeks.

Just a quick refresher of definition that I first encountered in the writings of Carl Jung. Synchronicity is described as an occurrence that happens to an individual, and it has meaning to that individual, but it occurred without any apparent original cause or effort made by the person. Jung distinguishes synchronicity as beyond coincidence, as a type of meaningful connection between you and something relevant in the universal consciousness. My example is a lot simpler to describe.

Today I did an interview with Susan Masino, a writer, journalist, rock and roll historian ( who also has a lifelong interest in metaphysics concepts. Susan achieved her fame as a writer about the history and bands of rock ‘n roll, in particular AC/DC and Hank Williams. She’s written numerous books, appeared in videos and is planning to make one of her books into a documentary movie about the origins of rock ‘n roll.

Here’s the synchronicity.

A couple of weeks ago I had my usual middle of the night wake up moment, about 3 AM. I often listen to the Coast to Coast radio show ( with George Noory. The show has been on for decades and explores eclectic topics not usually in the mainstream news, but that night the guest was a perfect match for me.

I have to list the events in chronological order to demonstrate the nature of synchronicity.

  • I’m writing a book about synchronicity.

  • I’ve done research, read the books, but I still wanted to get a more personal account of what synchronicity means to other people. I had this thought, but that was it, I did nothing else to pursue this goal. I just innocently put the thought out there and left it alone. A simple thought, total detachment from how I was going to get the information.

  • At about 3:15 AM I couldn’t get back to sleep and had a make a choice between reading on my Kindle or listening to Coast-to-Coast. I chose the radio show.

  • I don’t always get clear reception on AM radio, but that night it was perfect.

  • I turn on the radio, put on my earphones, tune to Coast-to-Coast, and the first words I hear are George Noory, saying — “Susan, when did you first become interested in synchronicity”?

  • Their discussion covered Susan’s account of how she got interested in journalism, specializing in popular music, and her accounts of synchronicity as a sequence of unplanned events that matched her ambitions. They talked about Susan’s updated book, The Secrets of the Universe, which covers synchronicity and other universal laws . Everything I heard was exactly what was on my agenda to investigate.

  • Next day I emailed Susan, described how I heard her the night before, which to me was a synchronistic experience, and thus I was convinced I’d like to interview her about the role of metaphysics in her life. She was gracious and willing, and today, January 29, we had a wonderful 90-minute interview.

  • We had a wide-ranging discussion about the powers of manifestation and her foundation of manifesting goals and the principles of the law of attraction. Susan has written that the most decisive aspect of manifestation, attraction or synchronicity is to fully believe in what you want and your ability to achieve it. I won’t go into more detail because it’s better to read her book, The Secrets of The Universe.

  • Then Susan was kind enough to post a blurb about me and my book on her Facebook page.

So, my synchronicity with Susan…

I wake up at a certain time, decide to listen to a specific radio show, at a very specific time, and the first words I hear are “synchronicity”, that’s a cosmic connection. That occurrence had great meaning to me, because it was on my to do list, but I wasn’t doing anything about it. The information I wanted just appeared when I needed it. Synchronicity is easier to recognize after the fact, when we can identity all the steps that led up to the event. Coincidence is a close cousin but is more of an interesting occurrence without a significant meaning to you. In my next book on Synchronicity I’ll examine the differences between synchronicity and coincidence. If you would like a free copy when its ready to be published, sign up on this website and I’ll put you on the list.

The interview with Susan achieved several things for me; it increased my enthusiasm for my book about synchronicity and it gave me what I was missing, a first-hand account of someone else’s personal experience with synchronistic activities.

I’ve read dozens of books, listened to webinars, etc.. But hearing a credible person describe the concept, and answer my question, adds a new level of believability to the nature of synchronicity and manifestation. Susan told me what happened to her, it’s factual and has been recorded, there are even pictures of her with musicians she’s interviewed and written about. It’s clear she believes what happened, and how it happened, and the events meet the criteria of synchronicity. Susan knew what she wanted, she persisted, and what she planted in her thoughts unfolded over many years. She has now written six books, interviews people and does interviews for people like me.

Pure manifestation. A couple of weeks ago I could not have told you how I was going to find the perfect person to interview about synchronicity and find an established expert who is willing to plug me and my book in their own work. What we call synchronicity is, to me, really the pure form of manifestation– a simple thought, let out into the universe, and then letting the universe proceed according to its way of delivering the result. Yes, I had to tune into the show at 3:15 am, on that day, but that was the universal intelligence nudging me to do what was needed.

Thank you Susan, the entire experience is synchronicity at its finest. Now, onto the rest of my manifestation goals. The most immediate is to publish my book about synchronicity by April of this year.