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Do you have to put your ideas, goals and manifestation plans on hold?

7/13/2020 8:34 AM

Which priorities come first today? We all live with a constant state of things we want to achieve, obtain, change and to improve our lives. We want a better job, live a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, exercise more, make more money, move to a new house. We have a lot of traditional wishes and wants.

With the current state of the world — the global and escalating virus pandemic, social unrest, extreme economic uncertainty, and the existing issues with climate change, income inequality and the cost of education. Can anyone really concentrate on trying to manifest a simple goal like getting a better job or developing an exercise routine?

What should be our individual priorities? What should be our collective or societal priorities? I have a lot more questions and very few answers, maybe no answers, just some personal observations.

Unless we are personally affected by the pandemic and related medical issues, we are all trying to figure out ways to live a relatively normal life of taking care of family, going to the grocery store and work.

I have goals I want to achieve, things I want to manifest. But many, if not all, are virtually impossible to consider amidst the current state of the pandemic and economic uncertainty. I have three choices:

1. Continue on my merry manifestation way to get a new car and take that big trip to Italy next year.

2. Succumb to all of the bad news and uncertainty and drop all plans, and retreat from any planning and expectations of an eventual positive outcome.

3. Revise my short-term goals to be more aligned with the current conditions. I agree that eventually the pandemic will diminish to a manageable level, and possibly disappear. But we don’t know whether it will be three months, six months or two years.

So, my prior priorities have now been put on the shelf, I can see them, and I will reactivate many of them when it’s feasible, but my immediate goals are very simple:

To survive the pandemic. That means not only not dying from the disease, but I also don’t want to contract it and be hospitalized and survive it. There are too many gruesome stories about the ravages of people who are hospitalized, and the short-term and possibly long-term afflictions we are now just discovering.

The pandemic has also fully exposed many of the existing conflicts, tragedies and flaws in societies and governments around the world, and particularly in the United States. Which leads to my next really big question — I don’t understand.

I don’t understand why the current administration and many people in our country don’t believe or don’t want to believe in the healthcare science.

I don’t understand why so many people think they are immune from the virus.

I don’t understand why some of the political leaders think the virus is a political issue instead of the most serious healthcare issue in the last 100 years.

I don’t understand why so much of the daily news about the pandemic is about the simplest and most innocuous, benign, silliest issue of all – I don’t want to wear a mask!

No one can tell me what to do. There might’ve been uncertainty at the beginning of the pandemic about the nature of the viral transmission, the types of symptoms, and how to treat it. Very quickly, it became obvious, not just to professionals, but to ordinary people, that if there is a deadly virus floating around in the air, put something in front of your nose and mouth to stop broadcasting it, and put up a barrier to prevent being on the receiving end.

Of all the things I don’t understand about the nature of current societal issues, I have made wearing masks the most fundamental question I have.

You want to debate the nature, speed and consequences of environmental change? Okay, environmental issues are complicated. You want to debate the nature of economic equality/inequality, the proper role of progressive taxation, the minimum wage — okay, we can debate it. I can give 20 more big questions, some of which I also think are no-brainers, but at least they are complicated.

But wearing a mask when microscopic viral particles are being broadcast every second of every minute of every hour of every day, by people who don’t know they have the virus, and we don’t know who has the virus — seems like the simplest of decisions. What is un-American, unmanly, unpatriotic, unhealthy, about wearing a mask?

So, my manifestation goal for today, tomorrow and the next few weeks or months is to try and achieve a safe level of daily living to make sure that the people in our immediate family and circle do not succumb to the virus.

The other manifestation goal – to understand why some people will not wear masks — what is in their DNA, psychological makeup, their anger, their fear, their ideology or whatever which convinces them that wearing a mask against the deadly virus is a bad thing to do?

If I could understand this absolutely primal instinct for survival, or lack of it in the case of mask-wearing, maybe I would understand a lot more about life.

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