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  • Richard Spitzer

A Refresher Course to Manifestation in 2019

Yes, it’s time to make our modest resolutions for the new year. Mine is simple, to successfully manifest one big goal that has eluded me so far. A goal that is beyond my normal wishes and wants, a bigger goal than just getting a better price on a new TV. In the spirit of the manifestation process, I’ll keep my goal to myself, for now. It’s usually counterproductive to make a public declaration of your goal before you actually tell the universe about it.

My 2019 process will be to take a refresher course in manifestation, the law of attraction and synchronicity. I’m going to reread several books that I thought were very helpful over the past several years, helping me to achieve a level of confidence in manifestation possibilities.

When it comes to rereading books, I have usually been the type of person who avoids it. I’ve already read it, why read it again? For traditional literature, rereading a book that you found profound or beautiful or adventurous can have the same enjoyment when reread. For nonfiction, rereading might help you see new ideas and nuances that you missed the first time around. But in general, there’s so much new to read that I have not been a big rereader. I’ve now changed my mind when it comes to metaphysics concepts and philosophies.

Over the past 15 years I’ve read hundreds, maybe thousands, of books and blogs about manifestation, the law of attraction, synchronicity and the related metaphysics topics. And I do recognize that it has been a progressive learning experience. Over the last couple of months I’ve gone back to some of the books I read in the past few years, to see if anything jumped out at me in a new way — in every case the answer was yes. When I read each book for the first time, it was a learning experience, I had questions, I had doubts, but the books gave me some incentive to continue my manifestation investigation.

The outcome of all the years or reading and research was to write my own book, Manifestation Math 101, published in November 2018. My book is built on many of the principles I’ve learned from the philosophers, teachers and writers over the past 3000 years. There is little reluctance to reread Shakespeare, Goethe, Emerson, Einstein, Marcus Aurelius, Lao Tzu, and many others recognized as great intellects of history. But I was reluctant to give the same consideration to modern writers about metaphysics topics. I apologize for my reluctance, because rereading has refreshed my perspective, enthusiasm and confidence in the legitimacy of the broad manifestation and synchronicity ideas.

I can’t point out the absolute best 10 books I’ve ever read, because maybe I’ll change my mind as I learned more. When I decided to write this blog, I literally took the first few books that came to mind that I remember as having a useful and practical contribution to what I was trying to learn. So, my goal for 2019 is to use my own book in conjunction with four other books and writers that were top of mind for the self-imposed challenge.

Each of the books by the other authors had similar traits that I admired. They were simple, well-written, relatively direct and to the point. All the books had anecdotes about the experiences of other people, to illustrate a point, and sometimes I think there are too many anecdotes, but that was a secondary consideration.

Of course, I’m starting with my own book, Manifestation Math 101, (available on Amazon). But these other books dive deeper into many of the personal and human aspects of manifestation, the law of attraction and how we manage our thoughts, choices and actions.

Each of the books provides an expanded context for what I’ve written about in my book, but admittedly none of them was the absolute, all-in-one solution to my manifestation quests. Each book provided profound ideas, answered some questions and stimulated some investigation. Now I think that I will benefit from rereading all of them over the next few months, and try to integrate the relevant teachings from the other writers into my own work.

Rereading the works of others reminds me that I am not alone in my interests or quests to understand our universal consciousness and connections. There is a vast, collective movement to pursue a greater understanding of how we exist within the universe, and our ability to manage our destiny by our thoughts, choices and actions.

Here are the five books I am recommending to help me to manifest my mystery goal in 2019. They are in the order in which I read them over the past 15 years. I’m Including the links to each of the books on Amazon, although most of them are available from other sources. As a group, I like the range of writing, observations and clarity of purpose. I hope they help me as much as I expect, and wish the same for you.

Enjoy successful manifestation in 2019. Rich Spitzer

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Dale Carnegie

Manifest Your Destiny Dr. Wayne Dyer

Universal Laws: 18 Powerful Laws & The Secret Behind Manifesting Your Desires Jennifer O’Neill

It Is Done!: The Final Step to Instant Manifestations Richard Dotts ( There are several Dotts book with similar material)

Manifestation Math 101 Richard Spitzer