The Manifestation Formula Workbook

If you believe, or want to believe, that "you are what you think" and "attract what you think about," there is a process to manage thoughts, choices and actions to achieve your goal.

Reading a lot of books, listing to CDs and going to seminars is great. But I learned that I needed more simplified, direct explanations of how actually to use the manifestation practices. 

On almost every page of the books I read was a description that seemed like it was written just for me– about the frustrations in trying to achieve goals and changes in my life. 

How constant negative thinking made me feel and how fears and doubts influence choices and actions that interfere with achieving our visions. 

The overload of information made it difficult to successfully apply the principles of Manifestation and the law of attraction successfully to my life.

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To make learning manifestation easier for me, and others, I created The Manifestation Workbook and The Thoughts Scorecard.

The workbook selects the most important concepts from the book and puts them into simple exercises that you can personalize for your thoughts and goals. You don't have to go back to the book and hunt for every interesting nugget that you read; they are all summarized in the workbook. If you need more detail and a refresher, of course rereading the chapters in the book is the best way.

I discovered a simple manifestation process that worked for me and should work for most other people because I'm pretty average and started very skeptical. 

The workbook is a 35-page guide with the most important concepts and exercises you can do yourself, to learn how you can better manage your positive thoughts and negative thoughts and transform your goals into reality.

The Manifestation Formula Workbook


The Manifestation formula book is available on Amazon.

You can purchase the Workbook and Thoughts Scorecard program directly, right here. You will receive:

  • Manifestation Workbook.

  • Thoughts Scorecard user guide.

  • One blank Scorecard (can be opened in Excel or Google Sheets). The Scorecard is set up for 26 periods. You set your schedule for weekly, biweekly or monthly scoring. A second Scorecard will be available at no cost when you fill-up the first one.

  • Future updates to the Thoughts Scorecard will be at a discounted price if you are an original subscriber to Edition 1.

  • You will always be able to contact us with questions or suggestions.

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Program material will be emailed to you. This is not a digital download.

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Your files will be emailed to you once payment is confirmed.  We do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. Please contact us if you have any problems with your order. 

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