The Manifestation Course

It's  2020. It's time to manifest what you want.

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The Manifestation Formula is the modern, practical method to manage your thoughts, choices, and actions to achieve your goals.

In my own experiences I found that just reading a book was not enough for me to understand how to change my thoughts and behavior. So, I created a complete Manifestation Course.

The Manifestation Formula™ is a learning system with three parts:

  1. The Manifestation Formula book explains my research to develop the Manifestation Formula principles for managing thoughts, intentions, beliefs, choices and actions. (The Manifestation Formula is available on Amazon, print and kindle. )

  2. The Manifestation Formula™ workbook provides simple exercises from the key points in the book, which you can personalize to your beliefs and goals.  The workbook is available for purchase here.

  3. Thoughts Scorecard. We all like to know how we're doing; we like report cards. The Manifestation Thoughts Scorecard™ was created to help us record our thoughts and feelings about our goal. You will be able to follow your progress on the path to the critical balance between positive and negative thoughts, to enter the successful manifestation zone.

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