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The Manifestation Formula Book

What have you been searching for? Manifestation? The Power of Positive Thinking? The Secrets of Success?

I was.

I learned that negative self-talk and uncertainty were my dominant psychology. And that the negatives were subtlely but effectively diminishing my positive beliefs and enthusiasm for my ideas and goals.

Successful Manifestation happens every day to people all around us.

  • How do some people seem to succeed so easily?

  • Why do some people fail despite their efforts?

  • What's behind the successes and misses? 

  • Can we identify the patterns of success? Yes.

  • Can we learn how to use our thoughts more effectively? Yes.

​What you want starts with your thoughts, and you need to connect them to a practical positvity plan.


The Manifestation Formula can be the bridge that connects your thoughts about your goals with your choices and actions to achieve the goal successfully.

It's human nature to want things we see or experiences can imagine. The good news is that probably every single thing we want, or think we want, has been achieved by someone else, so we know it's possible.

My research and personal experience made clear that there is a better process to accomplish my goals.


The book covers the history of the teachings and philosophies of self-awareness of our thoughts. And the common factors of why some people are successful in manifesting their goals while others are not.


I wanted to learn how manifest more successfully for myself and share it with others.

Quantum theory tell us that all possible events and outcomes have a probability of occurring.                                    And statistical mathematics shows that most events occur in the middle of the range.

In real life, most goals are also achieved in the middle. And most people achieve most of their common goals,         but we often take our daily manifestation successes for granted.


To manifest to the next level, to get the things that seem out of reach, you need to reach the 68% manifestation zone.