The Manifestation Formula technique is easily applied to wellness and how we talk to ourselves about our goals to lose weight, become more physically fit, live a healthy lifestyle or break a bad habit.

Wellness programs recommend that you should follow the acknowledged principles of positive attitudes, motivation, and monitor your progress.

We can't promise that Wellness 68 will work for every wellness goal and program, but based on our research, Wellness 68 should be easily connected to most programs. 

What is your wellness goal?  The Manifestation Formula could be that elusive solution to connect what you think about your wellness goals with how you actually go after them.
What are your wellness goals?

What are the wellness conversations you've had with yourself?

•    I want to reach a healthy weight.
•    I want to exercise regularly.
•    I want to get fit and stay fit.
•    I need more flexibility.
•    I want to eat healthily.
•    I want to reduce my stress.
•    I tried to lose weight before, and it never works, what am I doing wrong?
•    How come she/he can lose weight, and I can't?

  I can't stick with or do mindfulness. I can't stick with meditation 

•    I plan to go to the gym, it's always full of other people, but I just can't seem to do it.
•    I'm not making progress, what's the use?

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