The Wellness 68 Thoughts Scorecard
How do you know that you are thinking the right way about your goals?

You need a report card, a progress report,

a scorecard that measures your thoughts, and your results.

You need to set achievable goals and believe you can reach them. You need to follow your specific wellness practices, and you also need two types of feedback, and this is critical:

1.    You certainly need to monitor your physical progress. Are you losing weight?

2.    Equally important, are your thoughts and attitudes about losing weight sufficiently positive to keep you on track?

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If you really want to lose weight, but the majority of your thoughts are negative about achieving your goal, you will find it difficult, maybe even impossible, to maintain focus, motivation, and discipline to follow the specific weight loss regimen. 

Your thinking must be aligned with your actions in order to achieve your goals.

The Wellness 68 Scorecard.
The Manifestation Formula is built on a concept of transforming your thoughts into successful outcomes by managing the inevitable conflicts between your positive thoughts and your negative thoughts.


Very simply, if most of your thoughts are negative, fearful, doubtful of success, those thoughts affect your emotions and choices and actions and will likely sabotage efforts to achieve your goals.

There is no magic program or formula or pill that can change your thoughts.

But if you know what you are thinking, and honestly assess yourself, you can take steps to change your self-conversation. You can rewire your thinking to achieve a state where the majority of your thoughts about your goal, at least 68%, are positive and optimistic about your goal.


The Thoughts Scorecard does all the work for you. Fill in your Scorecard regularly, and you will learn how your thoughts are being transformed into your successful goals. Week by week, you can measure how you are thinking about your goals and change as you need to get those positive thoughts on track to success.

Sample Scorecard. You receive a template and blank Scorecard to fill in your own wellness goals.

Since humans love to keep score and track their progress about how they're doing and how far they

have to go, I created my simple Scorecard to keep track of my thoughts on a regular basis.


What I discovered.

You don't have to be 100% positive, and you can't get rid of all the negatives. But you have to know how you are thinking about your goal, positive or negative, and learn how to keep them balanced.

The positive thought goal of 68% is the probability threshold where most outcomes occur– maintain      your positive thoughts about your goal at least 68% of the time, and you've entered the successful manifestations zone. 





As I discovered, "thinking" positively about my goal, at least 68% of the time, was not as easy as                     I expected, and I had no way to know how well I was doing. So, I created a way to measure that matches how I thought, and how those thoughts changed over time.

The Manifestation Formula™ will help you achieve the successful balance between your positive and negative thoughts and emotions. You will learn how to measure your negative thoughts, doubts, and uncertainty, which take away the power of the greatest ideas and the best intentions. There is a way to achieve a successful balance between positives and negatives. 

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