Meet Rich Spitzer, the creator of The Manifestation Formula

If you are reading this, it's because I successfully followed the universal Manifestation I'm writing about, a modern  technique for how to transform our thoughts, ambitions, and ideas into real things.

I adapted my business research expertise into this new endeavor — to help better understand and manage the vast universe of information that influences us every day, and to create new practices that will help us use the information for ourselves and the greater good.


I have over 45 years of experience in communications, behavioral and market research. I've designed or managed thousands of studies about economic markets, communications, the influences of media and future trends. I've worked for consultancies, and global marketers, used Big Data and predictive analytics, and developed some of the earliest Internet-based research systems in the 1990s. My degrees are in marketing and communications. I'm currently the Director of Transformation Development at the Institute for Global Transformation.


Transition from “business” to critical issues, trends and metaphysics

I retired several years ago as EVP of one of the world's largest marketing research firms but was still interested in the opportunities emerging with the development of the Internet. Net-based systems would change everything about how we do research in every field—it would be easier to connect information and its influence on behavior—we would finally be able to connect the dots better than ever before. I continued my internet-based research and developed a predictive text analytics methodology using the 24/7 flow of news to create new leading indicators of macro- trends. 

Along the way, I recognized a resurgence in one trend - spirituality and belief systems that could relate to everyday life, including the metaphysics of self-empowerment and manifestation practices.

A friend recommended  Dr. Wayne Dyer's book, Manifest Your Destiny. I was familiar with some of the concepts but not the specific practices and the long history of the power of our thoughts and the connection of our consciousness to a universal source of energy and information.


I found a remarkable parallel between the principles of metaphysics and the research methods I was developing— how information affects our attitudes, expectations, and behavior in our lives. All the information we encounter stimulates our thoughts – which can be positive, negative, fearful, full of doubts or wildly ambitious. I also found a widespread interest and frustration in the search for manifestation practices that work in our practical, information-overloaded lives.

As I learned more and talked with people, I found an amazing consistency of interests and frustrations— and a desire for universal practices that would work for each of us.

So, I decided not to read more books, but to do my own research, to investigate the practices that had a history of success, and also look for real-life examples of how people do transform their thoughts into their reality. If other people transformed their ideas into successful outcomes, how did they do it  and how could I do it too?

I've applied my research background to creating The Manifestation Formula and writing books based on universal principles. I've now published three books about global trends, Manifestation and communications influences. The Manifestation Formula book updates the concepts of the law of attraction, Manifestation, and methods to utilize the power of our thoughts to create to achieve our goals.

  • I've transformed my "thoughts" about writing a book and published my first one in 2017, Our Choice-Extinction or Evolution. ( Spitzer, Schurman)

  • The Manifestation Formula is my #2 success in transforming an idea into the published goal.

  • And #3 is The Margin of Error War- A cyber/political analysis of the epic 2016 election cyberwar that changed the course of history.

Other Books Written by Richard Spitzer

Our Choice Extinction o Evolution
The Margin of Error War