The Manifestation Formula

A free introduction to the Manifestation Formula Program

Before you buy any book, program or take a course, do you know what you are really thinking how to achieve your goals and get what you want.  Your self-talk,  with doubts and negative thoughts, could be sabotaging you before you even start. Send for your free Manifestation Quiz here.

For many years it has been taught that the key to successful Manifestation has been positive thinking, the Law of Attraction and the many success strategies. It's time for an update, to use the convergence of science and metaphysics to create a modern approach to applying our thoughts and energies to achieving our goals.

68% Is Your Goal To Achieve What You Want

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We all want something – to make our lives better, to be more successful, a new job, a healthier lifestyle, more financial security, or to make the world a better place.

Before you buy any book, program, or take a course,

it will help if you understand what you are really thinking about how to achieve your goals and get what you want. 


What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday,and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.

The Key to Manifestation

Philosophers, teachers, and ordinary people have instinctively understood the power of our thoughts for centuries. But many people are still seeking a way to use manifestation teachings that are realistic for how we actually think and live.

We now know that quantum physics and neuroscience support traditional metaphysics ideas. Our thoughts have energy. And science confirms that everything in the universe is connected and can be described in mathematical terms.

 I've applied the same concepts to modernizing Manifestation. There is a simple formula that explains what we have to do to connect our thoughts and energies to achieving our goals, using the 68% formula.

 My career was in behavioral and communication research, and I've used the disciplines to identify the fundamentals and patterns of successful Manifestation. 

We see people achieving their goals every day. What can we learn from their thoughts, choices and actions? The Manifestation Formula© is a guide to the history, issues, obstacles and opportunities with practical Manifestation. But a book is not enough. To use the full scope of Manifestation successfully there is also a personalized workbook and the one-of-a-kind Thoughts Scorecard ™.

Are you ready to reach your goals?

It is time to learn The Manifestation Formula™ and achieve success. It's difficult to change your choices and actions if you don't know how you are thinking about your goals.



The Manifestation Course Workbooks provide simple exercises from the key points in the book. The workbook includes The Manifestation Thoughts Scorecard™.


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